Storing Diamonds

To store individual pieces of diamond jewellery, wrap each one in a separate soft, lint-free cloth. This cushions the jewellery and keeps it dust-free. The original boxes the pieces came in are perfect for storage, though they take up more space and may be impractical for a large collection. Some jewellers offer small cloth bags for jewellery storage, or a small plastic bag can be used as an alternative. To make lint-free cloths, old handkerchiefs, blouses, or scarves can be cut into small pieces. White cloths are best, because if they are exposed to moisture there is no chance of dyes leaking onto the jewellery.

Most people store diamonds in jewellery boxes. Unfortunately, burglars know this, and prominent jewellery boxes are often the first place they look for valuables. If left on a dresser or nightstand, a jewellery box is best reserved for costume jewellery or other inexpensive pieces. Diamonds should be stored where a burglar wouldn't normally expect to find expensive items, such as a tool chest, storage closet, or kitchen cabinet.

Crowded jewellery boxes can damage diamonds. Pendants and bracelets tangle easily, and earrings may be lost if a box is so full that they are not noticed. Forcing jewellery into a crowded box may bend or warp rings, earrings, or other delicate items, especially antique and heirloom pieces. A crowded jewellery box is also more likely to result in chips and scratches.