Training Program

The Jewellery Group has in place a series of dedicated learning and development programs which underpin the growth of all retail staff in the key areas associated retail Jewellery. The model used within our business focuses on ensuring that all stakeholders are involved in the learning process and the achievement of learning outcomes remains central.

The Learner

Whether a veteran of the industry or a new entrant, our training is tailored to incorporate various learning styles of participants. Sessions are designed to ensure that information is transferred using Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic methods, which is crucial in maintaining participant involvement and increased retention of information.

Learner's partake in training in both on and off the job formats and are supported by their coach - The Store Manager and Regional Manager.

Initial Learning

All staff who join our retail team partake in a comprehensive induction program. This program is designed to meet the individual's learning needs and provide opportunity to learn the specifics of the industry and company policies and procedures.

The induction program incorporates 2 days off the job training focusing on Sales, Service and Product knowledge and is then supported with an on the job follow up with the Regional Manager . Underpinning this training is an action based learning module which is broken into 8 weekly blocks. This module is designed to facilitate learning, on the job, where the Store Manager operates in a mentor and guiding role to then empower the new employee to seek out the required information and complete the actions associated. This 8 week program has a focus towards internal processes and policy requirements.

The induction process is recognized through the presentation of a Certificate of Completion, a gift to each inductee of their own Jeweller's Loupe and receive great staff discounts.

On Going Learning

Further off the job learning is supported with a range or Training sessions. These sessions are designed to provide the skills and knowledge required to deliver a range services available to our customers

Training Courses

  • Insurance
  • Working with Watches - Batteries and Bands
  • Diamond Consultancy
  • Sales and Service provision
  • Assistant Store Managers development program
  • Store Manager development program

In store coaching underpins a bulk of the individual learning that occurs within the Jewellery Group. To support this we have several resources that are designed for flexible delivery to meet the needs of the learner and the workplace. These include the use of 'action learning' resources that encourage and stimulate individuals to learn through the doing of things and the independent seeking of information.

Self Study

A comprehensive Self Study suite offers retail teams with the ability to initiate a focus on a particular product with a team or individuals. These resources are designed to support the on going coaching and learning of individuals whilst on the job, and ensure a consistent approach to training and development formats, incorporating reading, writing, doing and sourcing - with a follow up measure to identify transfer of learning


Achievement of learning outcomes is recognized at various levels within our business.

Recognition occurs through:

  • Issuing of Certificates for various programs
  • Lapel pins as acknowledgement
  • Provision of business cards for Store Managers who complete the development program
  • Eligibility to advance within the organizational succession plan
  • Assistant Store Managers development program
  • Access to staff discount

Succession Planning

The Jewellery Group is committed to providing advancement opportunities for staff within the business, and as such uses internal career bulletins to communicate these opportunities to all staff.

The on going training and development provide staff with the opportunities to build their skills to better equip them for advancement opportunities and in some instances contribute to the 'essential criteria' for specific positions.

The Key roles within our stores

Store Manager
Managing and maintaining the provision of superior customer service and developing a team to consistently strive to exceed customer expectations. Store Managers ultimately are the business manager and team leader, ensuring company standards are maintained across all facets of the Store's operations.

Assistant Store Manager
Provide support for the Store Manager in all facets of their role and to undertake the accountabilities of the Store Manager in their absence. Assistant Store Managers are leaders through example and possess a commitment to self development in line with The Jewellery Group's succession plan.

Sales Consultant
To provide a superior level of customer service in line with the Company's philosophy and to support the Store Management team and contribute and commit to the unit's success, promoting and functioning as part of a motivated team.